Gym Hire

Gymnastics Hall

We boast our fantastic facilities of a 30m x 41m gymnasium equipped for 11 different gymnastics disciplines.  From a 20m x 12m floor area, 1 trampoline and 1 sunken trampoline, 2 tumble tracks and a fast track, all artistic FIG approved apparatus and a pitted area. Sound system can be provided upon request.

We also provide changing facilities and showers to use. Refreshments are available to purchase in our foyer area or this can be included in your booking.

Dates and times subject to availability.

Freestyle Centre

This is the newly refurbished gym on the side of the gymnastics hall known as our freestyle centre. This specially made gym is designed for tricking, parkour and freestyle gymnastics and for people to come in and enjoy doing what is made for the outdoors.

If you are interested and want to know more information about hiring the gym or would like a specialised party, then please contact Amy Woods on and she will be able to assist you.

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