Academia & Teaching

I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sheffield with Dr Jonathan Potts and Professor Ben Hatchwell. I’m working on Partial Differential Equation models of the home ranges of Long Tailed Tits. See here and here for more information on the project.

Outside of research I assist and teach in tutorial classes for undergraduates, local a level students and regularly do outreach talks to the general public and other academics. I trained at the Kings School in Macclesfield with the University of Manchester. Following this I held a position at Silverdale School in Sheffield, teaching 11-18 for two years.

I have been assistant demonstrator in various Engineering Mathematics, and Core Mathematics modules. I currently have the role of lead demonstrator for First Year Engineering Mathematics and Second Year Differential Equations. I also assist in classes which help A level students and I have marked exams and coursework. I lecture at the Undergraduate Open Days and present an activity throughout the day. 

In addition to teaching I currently organise and chair two seminar series. The departmental Mathematics and Statistics PhD Student Seminar and a Mathematical Learning Seminar for PhD Students in Mathematical Biology.

Previous  and Upcoming Research Talks:

  • Upcoming – 2019 (BirdFair)  – ‘ Using mathematics to save our species’
  • May 2019 (University of Sheffield) International Women in Mathematics Event  – ‘The mathematics of animal space-use
  • May 2019 (University of Sheffield) Life History and Behaviour group – ‘Turing Patterns’
  • January 2019 (University of Sheffield) Life History and Behaviour group – ‘Mechanistically predicting the home range patterns of long-tailed tits’
  • November 2018 (University of Sheffield) Undergraduate Seminar Series: –‘Pattern formation in Mathematics and its Application to Animal Space Use’.
  • October 2018 (University of Sheffield) -‘Modelling the Home Ranges of Long Tailed Tits using Partial Differential Equations’.
  • June 2018 (Iwokrama Research Centre, Guyana) – ‘Modelling Animal Movement Using Mathematics’.
  • March 2018 (The Showroom Sheffield) – ‘How do we use mathematics to understand ecological processes?’.
  • February 2018, (University of Sheffield) Mathematics and Statistics Student Seminar – ‘Mathematical Applications to Ecology’.
  • February 2018, (University of Sheffield) Mathematical Biology PhD Learning Group – ‘Pattern Formation in Mathematical Biology’.
  • July 2017 (Movement Ecology, Charles Darwin House)- ‘Home Range Emergence of Long Tailed Tits’.
  • December 2016 (University of Sheffield) – ‘Step Selection Functions as Models of the Home Range Emergence of Long Tailed Tits’.
  • 2016-2018, (University of Sheffield) Undergraduate Open Days Lecture – ‘Using Mathematics to Model Nature’.

Conferences and Workshops :

  • Workshop on Mathematical Ecology, University of Swansea, April 2017.
  • Models in Ecology and Evolution, City University of London, July 2017.
  • Movement Ecology: Integrating big data and mathematical modelling, British Ecological Society, London, July 2017.
  • Mathematics Behind Complex Ecological Patterns, University of Birmingham,  December 2017.
  • Models in Population Dynamics, Ecology and Evolution, University of Leicester, April 2018.
  • European Conference of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, University of Lisbon, July 2018.