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Your Chairman’s Message

 Welcome to NDOR - “The home of all off-road”.

 This is your membership handbook, you are kindly requested to read and are mutually bound by the following content, this details our Club Constitution and incorporates the Rules of the facility for use of the off-road track either for leisure, practice and race preparation, or participating in organised Club, Regional and National level racing.


As a member your adherence to and full support of our objectives is expected whilst in the confines of NDOR and our hosting facility of the Birnam’s Sports Ground, failure to do so will be cause for exclusion from the facility and from the Club.


All content of this membership handbook is owned by the NDOR Club Chairman and shall not be modified in any way without due consent arising from any amendments agreed at an AGM or EGM.


NDOR Club Constitution – Initiated January 2019


1. Club Name and Addresses


1.1 - The Club shall be known as NDOR - Notts & Derby Off-Road Club and is situated within the Birnam’s Sports Ground, just off the East bound A610 at Giltbrook, Notts NG16 2DE.


1.2 - Website: www.ndor.co.uk.


1.3 - Facebook: NDOR the home of all Off Road and NDOR Selling, Swapping, Wanted


1.4 - Committee member and facility key holders details can be found on the Club website.


2. Objectives


2.1 - NDOR - Notts & Derby Off-Road Club - is a not for profit organisation.


2.2 - To facilitate and promote the leisure hobby and competitive sport of radio controlled off-road model cars     in a safe, open, friendly        and mutually helpful environment.


2.3 - To organise track open days for leisure running and race preparation practice.


2.4 - To organise regular Club race meetings to accommodate new and seasoned racers.


2.5 - To maintain affiliation with the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) on an annual basis.


3. Club Membership


3.1 - NDOR Club membership supports equal opportunity and is open to all and will commence upon payment of the appropriate membership fee in full.


3.2 - Junior members under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an appropriate adult member at all times whilst in the confines of the Birnams Sports Ground facilities.


3.3 - Full year NDOR Club membership and the fee will be payable from the 1st January up to and including the 30th June.


3.4 - A half year NDOR Club membership of half the annual fee will be payable from the 1st July up to and including the 1st December.


3.5 - All NDOR members shall have a current British Radio Car Association (BRCA) membership – see section 5 for full details on full BRCA Driver and Non-Driving membership.





4. Fees for Membership, Open Track Days and Club Racing


4.1 - NDOR Club Membership, Club race and any open day track usage fees will be reviewed annually at the AGM.


4.2 - Fees for interclub race meetings will be via joint agreement of the participating clubs.


4.3 - The NDOR Club fees for 2020 are;-


·       Full annual membership - Adult £30.00, Junior £15.00


·       Half Year membership - Adult £15.00, Junior £7.50


·       Member Open Track Day - £2.00


·       Visitor Open Track Day - £7.50


·       Member Mid-week Open Track - £2.00


·       Visitor Mid-week Open Track - £5.00


·       NDOR Member Club Races - £10.00


·       NDOR Non-member Club races - £12.00


·       Overnight camping - £5.00 – this includes a power hook up, toilet and showering facilities.


·       Left Rubbish Fee - £5.00 – payable at your next visit.

*Prices may vary


5. Mandatory BRCA Membership Requirements


5.1 - Any unlicensed new driving members or visitors may only utilise the track or race up to three times over a six week period before a full BRCA membership licence is mandated.


5.2 - For BRCA membership application see the website page: www.brca.org/join.


5.3 - Failure to confirm your BRCA membership status when requested by any Club committee member or facility key holder will immediately exclude you from any track use, pit entry or track marshalling duties.


5.4 - It is the responsibility of all driving members to ensure any individual charged with supporting their pit or on track marshalling duties shall carry a BRCA Non-Driving licence.


5.5 - All non-driving NDOR members or visitors who wish to enter the pit lane or onto the track at any time shall have a BRCA Non-Driving licence.


6.Termination of Membership


6.1 - Any member found violating the terms of Club membership or the Rules section of this handbook whilst within the facility will be requested by either a Committee member or facility key holder to leave the facility.


6.2 - Any such incident will be reviewed by the Committee for final adjudication on that members continued membership.


6.3 - Should the Committee find need for the expulsion of any member, that member will be notified a minimum of 7 days before their membership is terminated, a refund of their membership fees will be at the discretion of the Club Chairman.


6.4 - Any member found in any way to be acting against the interests of the Club or any of its members will be requested to meet the Committee to discuss their conduct, failure to do so will invoke immediate expulsion with no recourse to a refund of their membership fee.






7. Finance Control, Expenditure and Accounts


7.1 - The Chairman, as principle shareholder of NDOR – Notts & Derby Off-Road Club, shall appoint and instruct the Treasurer to open and maintain appropriate banking arrangements by which all Club finances will be managed.


7.2 - The Treasurer shall maintain full account records of all Club financial receipts and transaction invoices sufficient to show at any time the state of the Club’s finances, assets and liabilities and shall submit such records and supporting documents to the Chairman or Committee whenever requested.


7.3 - The Treasurer shall require sanction from the Chairman to release all expenditure items on an as needed basis.


7.4 - Any arising large expenditure items will be submitted to the membership under the control of an EGM or AGM for discussion and sanctioning.


7.5 - The Treasurer will provide a full statement of expenditure and the balance of the accounts at the AGM.


8. Annual General Meeting – AGM

8.1 - The Club Chairman will invite all NDOR members, via the Club website, the Club Facebook page and during any prior Club race briefing to attend an annual general meeting (AGM).


8.2 - Notification of the AGM shall be at least one month in advance and give notice of the date, time, location, agenda and any vacant or upcoming Committee posts.


8.3 - The Club Chairman will open the AGM and present the previous AGM minutes for acceptance by the attending membership.


8.4 - The Committee officers will present their yearly reports on the state of Club business, activities and finance accounts.


8.5 - The AGM will facilitate nomination and election of the Committee members.


8.6 - The AGM will discuss and agree the membership and track usage fees.


8.7 - The AGM will review the Club Constitution and the Rule book.


8.8 - The AGM will allow forum to discuss any logged prior proposals or arising issues from the attending membership.


8.9 - Minutes will be taken of all relevant discussion and all voting decisions, all pending actions will be logged for inclusion or amendment of the membership handbook.


8.10 - Voting on any matters affecting the Club Constitution will be subject to a minimum two thirds majority.


8.11 - Voting on any non-Constitution matters will be by simple majority, any tied voting will be resolved with the Chairman casting a second vote.


8.12 - The Chairman will close the AGM calling for a summary of all the agreed subsequent actions and inclusions or amendments to the membership handbook.


8.13 - All NDOR Club members may propose Constitution, membership or Rule amendments, or any other Club business, suggestions must be submitted formally to any committee member who will log for subsequent committee and membership discussion at the AGM.


8.14 - Any amendments to this handbook arising from the AGM may be discharged by the Chairman to a suitable volunteer candidate.




9. Extraordinary General Meeting – EGM


9.1 - Occasions may arise when the Chairman, or his nominated Committee member acting as Chairperson, may call for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to enable notification to the membership of any urgent emergent issues arising from the function/activities of the Club, or from our hosting facility owners.


9.2 - Every attempt will be made to give not less than one week’s notice of the date, time, location and agenda for any EGM, this may be via the Club website, the Club Facebook page or at any Club race day.


9.3 - The EGM will allow forum for the attending membership to be advised and discuss emergent issues.



9.4 - Voting on any matters affecting the Club Constitution will be subject to a minimum two thirds majority.


9.5 - Voting on any non-Constitution matters will be by simple majority, any tied voting will be resolved with the Chairperson casting a second vote.


9.6 - Minutes of all relevant discussion and any voting decisions will be taken for any actions and the nominated Chairperson will close the EGM summarising the agreed subsequent actions.


9.7 - Any amendment editing to this handbook arising from the EGM may be discharged by the Chairperson to a suitable volunteering candidate.


10. NDOR Club Committee and Additional Roles


10.1 - The NDOR Club Committee officers will consist as follows;-


Chairman  : Darrell Skinner

Vice Chairman  :  Andy Griffiths

Secretary  :  Adrian Rowell

Treasurer  :  Tracy Griffiths 

Track Manager  :  Lee Maggs

Race Director  :  Trevor Baker


10.2 - In addition to the above Committee the Chairman may appoint additional members as NDOR Facility Key Holders.


10.3 - All Committee members and additional facility key holders must be current NDOR Club members.


10.4 - Committee meetings may be called as needed and any NDOR member may attend and contribute, however only the named NDOR committee members shall vote on matters arising.


10.5 - The AGM shall have the Chairman and the all Committee members present, any Committee non-attendees must be sanctioned by the Chairman.


10.6 - Any EGM or Committee meeting shall have at least four Committee members in attendance.


10.7 - Additional Committee members may be co-opted or volunteers requested as and when required.


10,8 - Any Committee member wishing to vacate their post should submit notice to the Chairman at least one month in advance of the AGM.


11. NDOR Facility Key Holder Role and Responsibilities


The Chairman holds authority to distribute NDOR facility key sets to Committee officers and other responsible members, he may also find it necessary to retrieve the key sets from any member not fulfilling the requirements of this voluntary role in a satisfactory manner.


An NDOR Facility Key Holder shall;-


11.1 - Attempt to allocate themselves to track opening and general light maintenance duties at least once per month, this will generally be for weekend days and flexible mid-week days during the spring, summer and autumn months.


11.2 - Ensure the main access gate is kept locked, opening only for pre-arranged access to members and visitors.


11.3 - Enable access to the male and female toilet block, ensuring sufficient consumables are available for members and visitors use and the facility is fully functional, safe and clean to use.


11.4 - Place out the bins and cigarette buckets and ensure the sand filled safety buckets are at the battery charging station.


11.5 - Inspect the track for any obstructions or damage that may cause undue damage to member’s and visitor’s model cars and carry out a full or temporary repair if necessary. Any temporary repairs shall be logged and reported to the track manager.


11.6 - Perform some on and off track weed control and removal, recruiting assistance from the attending members as necessary before releasing the track for running use.


11.7 - Collect attending member’s or visitors fees and ensure all enter their attendance and payment into the track day log book.


11.8 - Book in any new members and log their membership and fee, issue their membership card and a copy of their handbook recommending they take a few minutes to read through and familiarise themselves.


11.9 - Welcome any visitors, if intending to run a model check their BRCA licence status, log their payment and brief them on the facilities, rules and potential hazards when using the facility.


11.10 - Freely volunteer advice and help to new members if requested and call in assistance from other established drivers if needed.


11.11 - Provide access to the medical box for any minor injuries, should any serious accidents occur immediately notify the emergency services.


11.12 - Before closing ensure all areas are clear and tidy and the track is in ready state for the next open track or race day.


11.13 - Log the name of any member(s) leaving their rubbish behind.


11.14 - Ensure any situations occurring that violate the terms of the handbook are duly logged and reported to the Chairman or Committee officer.


11.15 - Upon closing the facility ensure all equipment and areas are secured and locked before leaving and locking the main access gate.


11.16- Facility key holders are not permitted to make any payments from Club funds, should it prove necessary during any track open day the Chairman shall be consulted for sanction and such expenditure will require logging and a full receipt held for the Treasurer to account.


12. Club Member Responsibilities and Work Party Volunteering


12.1 - To all NDOR members this is your Club, facilitated for your enjoyment by your Club Chairman, the Committee officers and facility key holders but your help is also needed to maintain and improve what we have, without your help we may easily lose it.


12.2 - Whilst this handbook attempts to provide you with all of the information needed for you to enjoy and contribute to the Club facility, it may prove not be totally comprehensive therefore the Committee openly invite your input and any feedback to improve any shortfall of information, so please do so formally to any committee officer or facility key holder.


12.3 - If any member at any time sees or hears anything of concern that may affect the safety and security of the other members present, or their equipment and property, or any of the facilities, they shall immediately notify the NDOR facility key holder(s) present.


Work Party Volunteering


12.4 - Throughout the year some tasks are required to demonstrate the Club is taking care of the facility, these are over and above the expected regular track care and maintenance requirements, therefore all volunteers are needed and encouraged to keep on top of these and they include;-


·       General weed control and cropping around the inside and outside of the track periphery.


·       The removal of old and surplus astro turf and other materials from inside and outside of the track periphery.


·       Periodic cleaning of the marshalling, pitting and parking area astro turf surface to remove algae and silt accumulation to mitigate the risk of slips and falls.


·       Repair and painting of the track boundary fencing and rostrum areas.


·       Do a good job on your chosen task and it will mean less work for all, choose to do nothing and eventually no one will and we will lose what we have.


12.5 - The Club may occasionally choose to change some aspects of the track to improve the ease of marshalling and the driving and racing experience, this usually involves lifting and peeling back the very heavy astro turf to enable earthworks to re-contour or repair the track surface, parties of capable bodies are specifically needed for these tasks.


12.6 - There are other maintenance tasks that ideally require some trade skills, the Committee would welcome any members to share their particular skill sets and willingness to provide such help when needed.




13. Dissolution of the Club


13.1 - Should the maintenance and running of the NDOR facility become untenable to sustain the Club Chairman shall notify the membership at either an EGM or the AGM of the impending foreclosure of the facility.


13.2 - The Chairman reserves the right to withdraw the value of his initial shareholding from the Club funds but only after settlement with any outstanding creditors.


13.3 - Any remaining monies will be distributed as decided by the attending membership during the EGM/AGM foreclosure forum.


13.4 - Any equipment or property assets will be sold and the monies added to the outstanding Club funds or be distributed in settlement to any creditors.


NDOR - Notts & Derby Off-Road Club


The NDOR Rule Book


Welcome to the Rules section of your handbook, yes the Club knows how we all hate rules but most of what follows is plain ‘common sense’.


Every NDOR Club member has a role and responsibility for ensuring a continuing, safe, well maintained, clean and friendly environment for us all to enjoy our chosen hobby of radio controlled off-road model cars.


1. Access to Birnam’s Sports Ground


Main gate access is only permitted to NDOR facility key holders, these include the Committee officers and NDOR Facility Key Holders nominated by the Club Chairman.

To protect security and prevent unwanted ingress it is incumbent on all key holders that the main gate is kept locked at all times when the facility is under casual open track day use.


Fully open and free access is only permitted during large well attended events at any of the facilities within the Birnam’s Sports Ground.


Any key holder opening the track for leisure or practice use shall ensure access is only allowed to known members or visitors by prior arrangement, on no account should the gate be left unlocked for a period of time, this may result in the Club losing all access rights.


All of the other sports ground users have their own main gate key holders.


2. Members and Visitors Access Rights within Birnam’s Sports Ground


Your NDOR membership does not entitle you at any time to venture onto or utilise any of the other grounds or facilities with the Birnam’s Sports Ground.


Some special events will at times preclude the use of the NDOR facility, such events and exclusions are notified via the Club website or Facebook page and a preceding Club race day.


The NDOR facility consists of;-


1 - The off-road track contained within its own lockable boundary fence.


2 - The rostrum and associated front and rear container sections beneath.


3 - The astro turfed parking and pitting area at the rear of the rostrum, this extends rearwards to the football and shooting club access lane and up beyond the pit table area to a point in line with the edge of the access lane which runs alongside the 1/8 oval storage container up to the large scale oval.


Free access is available to the male and female toilet block.

The café is also available for use, when open.

We do not have assumed access to the large scale oval nor to the 1/8 oval and both of their associated pitting areas, this is only usually requested and granted for any large regional or national status events NDOR may be sanctioned to accommodate.

Any members found to be using or abusing any of the prohibited areas or NDOR facilities will face immediate exclusion from the Club.





3. Health and Safety at NDOR


All NDOR Club members enter and utilise the facility at their own risk and must recognise that attendant risks will be encountered that the Club are unable to fully or practically mitigate.

It is each member’s responsibility to be aware of the many trip and slip hazards that an astro turfed off-road model car racing facility presents and to take due care.

The Club therefore advises extreme caution at all times and especially so in cold, damp and fully wet conditions, here the astro turf track will present a severe slip risk so extreme care must be practiced, this applies equally to the rostrum steps and the pitting or parking areas.


When out on the track during open or race days remain aware of fast moving and airborne model cars, the nitro’s may be heard, the electric’s may not.


The facility key holder has access to some minor injury supplies should any cuts and grazes arise.


The Club welcomes any volunteer trained First Aiders to offer their support during any on track activities.


4. NDOR Club Disclaimer


- NDOR is not responsible for the security of any member or their equipment, and cannot be held to account for any damage or loss whilst within the facility.


- NDOR is not responsible for the personal safety of any member, all members are made aware of the potential hazards whilst using the facility and enter at their own risk.


- For details of your personal and public liability insurance refer to the BRCA Insurance section in your BRCA Members Handbook.




5. NDOR Club General Rules


Some basic rules apply when using the NDOR facility over and above the content covered earlier, these are;-


Firstly - The absolute DO NOT’s


5.1 - Use foul abusive language or threatening behaviour against anyone for any reason at any time.


5.2 - Any aggressive or violent act will result in immediate termination of your membership and subsequent reporting to the BRCA, resulting in the loss of your BRCA licence.


5.3 - Smoke or vape on the rostrum or in the pit lane at any time.


5.4 - Throw your spent cigarette ends on the pit benches, ground or the track - please use the sand filled pots.


5.5 - Put your used aerosol cans or fuel bottles in any bins - take them home.


5.6 - Run any model vehicle at any time on any area except the track.


5.7 - Run your model car in the opposite to the normal direction at any time whilst others are using the track.


5.8 - Stamp on or kick the rostrum panelling.


5.9 - Leave ANY of your rubbish on the benches or ground for others to clear, please take it home for disposal.



      General Rules


5.10 - Upon entry please park your vehicle in an orderly manner leaving free access for other members to access the provided pitting facilities.


5.11 - Please use the provided toilet facilities, if necessary please notify the key holder for any additional toilet consumables.


5.12 - Do not unnecessarily clutter or leave any trip hazards around the pitting benches and pit lane.


5.13 - Sign in to the track day log book and pay your fees to the NDOR facility key holder.


5.14 - Bag your own rubbish as it arises to avoid being scattered over the facility.


5.15 - Do not start any engines before 9am and cease running engines before 8pm.


5.16 - During any race meeting do not enter the pit lane until the previous race has vacated.


5.17 - Do not hinder quicker drivers, drive within your own capability and move over when safe to do so.


5.18 - Do not bully less able drivers, give them time to react and move over.


5.19 - Do not shout abuse at anyone volunteering to marshal the track at any time.


5.20 - If marshalling be vigilant but take care to look after yourself first.


5.21 - Fairly share marshalling duties on open track days.


5.22- Leave you pitting area clean before leaving and take all of your rubbish home


5.23 - Anyone found to be deliberately leaving their rubbish behind will be charged £5.00 upon their next visit, failure pay will result in refusal to use the facility.


6. Battery Charging at NDOR

6.1 - Ensure the sand filled safety buckets are at the charging station.


6.2 - Ensure there are no fuel bottles on the charging station.


6.3 - Battery charging of any battery type shall be performed with the battery in a sealed battery safe bag.


6.4 - Anyone found to be charging in an unsafe condition will be requested to immediately leave the facility.


6.5 - Should a battery fire occur immediately discharge a sand filled safety bucket over the battery, do not attempt to handle the battery until completely safe to do so.



7. Pets


7.1 - NDOR requests that pets shall not be brought to the facility in both the interest of their own comfort and that of the leisure or racing members present.

7.2 - Should it prove necessary to bring your pet(s), they must be fully restrained at all times.

7.3 - Pets are not permitted to wander freely within the NDOR facility or the Birnam’s sports ground at any time.

7.4 - Any dog fouling must be taken care of and disposed of by the owner.

7.5 - Any owner whose pet is found to be wandering free and unrestricted will be requested to leave the facility.


8. The Rules for Racing at NDOR


8.1 - NDOR shall run its Club racing events in accordance with the General Rules section of your BRCA Members Handbook.


8.2 - The appointed Race Director will expect all competitors to be familiar with the NDOR Club and BRCA General Rules


8.3 - The appointed Race Director may exclude any competitor found in breach of any of the NDOR Club or BRCA General or vehicle Class Rules.



Your Chairman’s Summary


With this NDOR Membership Handbook we have attempted to detail all the information needed by all of our members to have a safe and enjoyable time with their chosen model car on our Club facility.


It is incumbent on us all to review all that is written but more so on what is not but may need to be, to that end I trust you will all offer your thoughts and suggestions for us to improve the content and our facility where needs be.

I wish you all an enjoyable time and I will see you all at or on the track.


My Sincere regards, Darrell Skinner



NDOR – Notts & Derby Off-Road Club

“The Home of ALL Off-Road”