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Leading your business safely

First steps...

Most businesses require functions and processes to run smoothly and accurately from day to day. Ensuring they are each carried out on time can be a worry. Not only do things need to be done, but they need to be done to the customer's satisfaction. Health and safety compliance is no exception, yet it is often disregarded and put towards the bottom of the to-do list and nags away at your conscience. If this sounds like you, health and safety outsourcing for your business is probably a sensible idea.

As your business grows, postponing completion of your health and safety checklist is risky business. What might have seemed like a lesser priority last year, has the potential to become a business ending issue today. Get it wrong and there are huge ramifications for your business, reputation, bank balance, employees, customers, family and more.
 A way to sidestep this nightmare is to consult with an external health and safety company. There are numerous benefits of outsourcing to a health and safety service provider, you will have met a statutory duty as an employer to have access to competent support for a start.

Choose wisely though, the HSE provide guidance on how to select a suitable provider on their web site

PWOSH meet the criteria for competent person services and can help support your business.

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